Antique Pastel Cactus Basket Quilt

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Estimated Age: Early 1900s
Color: White, Pink, Blues, etc.
Condition: Good-to-Fair Antique Condition, edge wear, dye rot
Size: 64.5 x 81 inches
Style: Cactus Basket
Technique: Hand Pieced and Quilted
Weight: Light Weight

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This antique quilt is full of rare calicos! There are some hard-to-find green fabrics along with some fading antique purples. It was hand pieced in a pattern known as ‘Cactus Basket.’ The fabrics are bright and full of Spring-like colors!

The quilting really sings on this piece! The detailed medallion in the center of the blocks adds texture and depth to the quilt. There are tiny hearts quilted in each section!

This piece measures 64.5 x 81 inches. It is a light-weight quilt with cotton batting and a white backing.


This quilt is in good-to-fair antique condition. It is a bit fragile with fabric deterioration throughout. The binding has frayed on all four sides. There are a few light spots. The sun has faded one long side of the quilt. It is bright white and well-preserved!

Please note, every attempt is taken to detail imperfections in photos, descriptions, and video. The nature of this item does lend itself to normal age-related issues and must be taken into consideration before purchasing.


This quilt will be sold as-is. It is too fragile to wash. Machine washing is not recommended.


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