Basics of Quilt Care

Most quilts from our shop are carefully hand washed and air-dried before entering your home! 

Hand Washing How-To

If you hand wash, fill a tub with cool water and gentle detergent. Let soak for several hours or overnight. Rinse thoroughly and gently press out excess water. 

Wet quilts are very heavy! 

To reduce stress on seams, transfer the wet quilt from the tub to a drying location in a clean bucket or plastic bin. Choose a flat surface to dry to prevent stretching or stress on the seams. Quilts can be dried outside on pleasant days. Place the quilt top upside down on large towels to prevent the sun from fading. 

Do NOT submerge quilts in water if the fabrics are wool, silk, or satin.

If the quilt contains unstable dyes, do not wash it, as the colors will run. The best way to freshen the quilt is to place it outside to air out.

If you display quilts in a stack or folded on a bed…

unfolding them and letting them rest flat occasionally is important. This will prevent deep fold lines that can permanently stay with the quilt. Refold it along different lines.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, even through a window, can fade fabric over time.

While quilt care can be intimidating, don’t fret! They have held up for 50 to 100 years plus! They are durable and able to withstand much! 

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

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