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Here you’ll find hand-selected antique quilts.

Each antique quilt holds an untold story. They are tangible pieces of history left to us by makers and creators of days gone by.

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Hi, there!

As a long-time quilter, I deeply love and appreciate the art of quilting. I understand the time, dedication, and creativity that is poured into each piece.

I have been hand-selecting vintage and antique quilts since 2021. Wonderful and rare quilts have been carefully curated, documented, and placed into your homes and collections!

It is a privilege to honor the work of the artists that came before us! Thank you for valuing the history and tradition of quilting with me!


How We Source Quilts

Celebrating the Heirlooms

Every antique quilt that comes to the shop is carefully curated. These pieces are sourced and selected for their unique qualities, colors, and characteristics. The selection process is thorough; only the quilts we love are collected, cleaned, and available in the shop.

At Monarch Landing, we gravitate towards pieces that are 50 to 100 years old. Hand-stitched quilts with out-of-print fabrics and intricate piecing are our favorites! While rarely perfect, we lean into their imperfections while celebrating their artistry.

If you are interested in selling quilts from your personal or family estate, please contact me! I'd love to learn more about your pieces.

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